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6 Pillar of Email Marketing

What's Wrong with Your Email Marketing

List Building & Segmentation:

Many companies overlook the importance of building targeted email lists and segmenting their audience effectively. They often fail to gather relevant data about their subscribers and tailor their messages accordingly, resulting in lower engagement and conversion rates.

Compelling Content:

While content is king, many companies struggle to produce consistently engaging and relevant content for their email campaigns. This can lead to subscriber disinterest and increased unsubscribe rates, as recipients are bombarded with generic or uninteresting messages.

Email Design:

The visual aspect of emails is often underestimated, with companies sending out poorly designed or unoptimized emails. Cluttered layouts, lack of mobile responsiveness, and unattractive aesthetics can deter recipients from engaging with the content.

Automation and Personalization:

Although automation and personalization have become more accessible, many companies fail to utilize these tools effectively. They may overlook opportunities to automate repetitive tasks or personalize content based on subscriber behavior and preferences, missing out on the chance to create meaningful connections with their audience.


Despite its critical role in email marketing success, deliverability is frequently neglected. Companies may neglect to maintain clean subscriber lists, leading to higher bounce rates and spam complaints, ultimately impacting their sender reputation and email deliverability.

Analytics & Optimization:

Despite the availability of analytics tools, companies often underutilize them or misinterpret the data. They may fail to track key metrics accurately or neglect to iterate and optimize their campaigns based on insights gathered from analytics, resulting in missed opportunities for improvement and growth.